Our Services

Building Knitwear Businesses 

Helping you build a collection you love

Championing British Design

A hub for British knitwear design

Developing Sustainability

A focus on the sustainable, quality yarn

Your Knitwear  

Your Way

Whether you’re just starting out on your knitwear journey or whether you’re a seasoned pro, we support anyone looking to create knitwear, designed and made in Britain.

Utilising Digital Technology

The latest technology to create your products virtually 

Providing the tools for Growth

The support to market and launch your products

Producing what you need

Micro production so you only need to manufacture what you need

From Sketchbook to Shopping Basket

And all of the stages in-between, whether you need our whole suite of services or whether you’re just looking for micro-production.

Our suite of services


An experienced designer at your side to help you turn your ideas into a collection to love


Development of designs into prototypes to give you a clear view of your collection


Whether you need 10 pieces or 100 pieces. Micro-production that works for you

Product launch

A marketing and product strategist to help you create and build you brand and launch your product

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